What are those cards

We use our own design pattern card decks to tear down the UX flows of the world's leading brands.

If you've been browsing through our UX flow teardowns, you might have noticed that once in a while, a comment is accompanied with a graphical card, describing clever functionality used.

Instead of only relying on the gut feeling of our experienced selves to dissect a User Experience flow, we use well-documented design patterns.

Design Patterns are recurring solutions that solve common design problems. A myriad of them are documented in the design pattern section on UI-Patterns.com.

The Persuasive Patterns card deck
The UI Patterns card deck
The Validation Patterns card deck

What kind of design patterns do you use?

We only use design patterns relevant for online digital design. More specifically for documenting UX teardowns, we primarily use User Interface design patterns and Persuasive design patterns.

They are all well-documented at the UI-Patterns.com main site in the design pattern section.

Are they real cards

Yes they are!

In fact, you can buy them all from our shop.

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